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Couples Retreat

Dates coming soon / Ireland

We are nature; constantly flowing, changing and evolving with the seasons. Understanding your own inner cycles and creating the dialogue to communicate these to your intimate partner is a fundamental foundation for a successful relationship. This four-day couples retreat holds space for you to discover new ways of practicing intimacy, awareness and communication. Rooted in yoga and surrounded with beautiful nature, this ancient land in Ireland is the perfect backdrop to deepen your connection.

Gathering Place

We will Gather at Cabragh Lodge - an eco yoga retreat centre in a serene area of natural beauty. 


Cabragh Lodge, Coolaney is situated in the North West of Ireland in the Ox Mountains.  The remote and scenic location is perfect for reconnecting with yourself through Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-Compassion, and Stillness. The nearest airport is Knock West or alternatively, Dublin is a 3-hour train to Coolaney and a shuttle to the retreat centre can be arranged in either situation.

That awaits You

Partner Yoga, Movement & Tantric Practices

The most nurturing & delicious vegan food

Free Time to Integrate + Explore Nature

Couple Connection & Empowerment

Silent mornings & going inwards

Optional couples PHOTOSHOOT

Playful emotion workshop

Meditations & Activations



Sensuality Workshop

Love letter writing

Conscious Touch

Group games




There are no "levels" in yoga. We flow in connection with our bodies and according to our individual needs! Leonie and Hanan guide all asanas (postures) and exercises. They are always (also during the class) there for you if you need support.

The Conscious Connection Couples Retreat is for You if ...

... you want to connect deeply and honestly with your loved one

... you want to get in touch with your INNER DESIRES

... you want to reconnect with your body and soul & with your partners body and soul

... you want to learn more about conscious connection, yoga and holistic health

... you feel called to gift yourself & your loved one with pure love & connection

... you are ready to be part of a beautiful and empowering change in equal relationship

... you want to spend quality time together as a couple




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Leonie is a Holistic Health Manager, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Creator, Lomi Lomi Energy Healing Masseuse & Lightworker. She inspires and empowers you to live your life full of love, inner peace & gratitude through Yoga, Heartopening Workshops & the (re-)connection to Your Source.



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Hanan is a Yoga Teacher, Life-Coach, Energy Healing Masseuse and Eye-Opener. She guides people through INITIATion, to support their spiritual and professional development. With a background in acting and voice training, she inspires people to raise their true voice. 



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Jodie is a seductive priestess, earth warrior and photographer. She encourages people to deepen their connection and love to themselves, their lovers and to nature, weaving these concepts together through intimate, empowering and natural photoshoot sessions, self-confidence and relationship coaching.



Gino is a stage play educator who uses emotive & physical exploration to enhance the human experience. Think of it as adult playtime, with an emphasis on observing emotions in a lighthearted manner.

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Single Cabin

1900,00€ / per Couple


  • Delicious Vegan Brunch & Dinner

  • Daily Workshops, Meditation & Yoga

  • 1 guidet Natur Walk

  • Accomodation / Own Cabin
    (1 Available)

Double Cabin


  • Delicious Vegan Brunch & Dinner

  • Daily Workshops, Meditation & Yoga

  • 1 guidet Natur Walk

  • Accomodation / Shared Cabin with own Room
    (4 Available)

How a Conscious Connection Day looks like


07:30 - 08:30 Shakti Awakening Yoga

10:00 - 11:00 Brunch
12:00 - 14:00 Workshop Time

Time to rest
16:00 - 18:00 Workshop Time

18:00 - 19:00 Dinner

19:30 - 21:30 Yoga Nidra meets Restorative Yoga

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