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Sisterhood of the Wild Moon

Monthly Fullmoon Gathering
Online via Zoom | 9-10pm

Awakening of the wild women.
For so long we have been told
To be small and quiet.
We hide behind the curtains
Afraid to be seen.
We have been told we are unworthy
And that our stories should not be shared.

But now it is time
To rise from the ashes
To be free and run wild
To express ourselves
To lift each other up
Together we heal, together we rise.

Sisterhood of the Wild moon
Invites you to:

Fullmoon online gathering
*Sharing circle*
*Fullmoon Ritual*

Gathering Dates 2022

🌕 Mai                           Mo,  16.05.22    

🌕 Juni                           Di,   14.06.22    

🌕 Juli                            Mi,  13.07.22   

🌕 August                      Fr,   12.08.22   

🌕 September                Sa,   10.09.22   

🌕 Oktober                    So,  09.10.22    

🌕 November                 Di,  08.11.22   

🌕 Dezember                  Do, 08.12.22   

Energy Exchange per Gathering | 5,00€ Donation

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