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Shine & Bloom

Shine & Bloom

A four Day Retreat to reconnect to your Feminine,
surrounded by beautiful Nature & like-minded Women

Januar 2022


The Mystique Gathering Place

Hi Hekate is a sacred Retreat place located next to Lake Balaton. It feels like  a womb space, surrounded by hills, some of which used to be volcanoes, connecting to the core of the Earth. It is a safe space that holds us as we breakthrough the layers to reconnect
to ourself, nature and our sisters.

That awaits You

Feminine Yoga, Movement + Embodiment Exercises

The most nurturing & delicious vegan food

Free Time to Integrate + Explore Nature 

Essential Oil Wisdom für Women

Conscious touch & self massage

Womb Healing + Connection

Cacao and Ecstatic Dance 

Mystique Women Rituals

Meditations, Activations

Kriyas & KundaliniYoga

​​Magical Workshops

Mantra singing



The MystiqueFeminine Retreat is for You if ...

... you want to connect deeply & honestly with like-minded Women

... you want to get in touch with your mystique & wild feminine

... you want to reconnect to your Body & Soul

... you want to learn more about Femininity, Yoga & Holistic Health

... you feel called to pleasure and gift yourself with pure love & magic

... you are ready to be part of seeing beautiful & empowering change happen

... you want more from life & you are no longer willing to allow anything to hold you back from it

... you are ready to shine from within & embrace your shadow-sides

Do You feel the call?

Mystique Facilitators



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Leonie is a Holistic Health Manager, Yoga Teacher & Coach. She inspires and empowers you to live your life full of love, inner peace & gratitude through Yoga, Heartopening Workshops & the (re-)connection to Your Feminine.



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Zsófi unites different healing modalities of TCM, Yoga, Ayurveda, herbal healing in her work, infused with her insights and personal experiences. Her intention is to create space for connecting to our senses and healing in deep sisterhood while celebrating the magic of life.


Rebi & Niki

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We show that whole food nourishes the soul as much as it nourishes the body. We love to share how we prepare healthy meals with local seasonal ingredients.